Jimmy Lewis Searcher Geared Up

Ryan was able to get the Searcher out all geared up for fishing.  This board is truly amazing as it can haul an entire family or be decked out for your fishing trip.  Here we have two "RAM" mounts on the board with two different rod holders.  The board comes equipped with 5 RAM mounts that can be equipped for any of your excursion add ons that can be found at http://www.rammount.com/.  This board also has the volume and size to hold a large cooler to keep things cool, dry, etc. This also can act as an excellent seat for those long days of fishing and floating.  Numerous tie downs complete this amazing board giving you the ability to store your gear on the bow of the board or the stern.  This all around board is amazing for this area, especially those planning on heading out into larger bodies of water where the displacement hull and large volume create a very stable platform that can easily paddle through the chop often associated with the wind waves we get here in the Mid-west.

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Posted on June 5, 2016 .